The November Zap Agent Blog Contest

Contest Details

Each day an agent submits a blog post, they will be entered in the drawing for a chance to win.

Winners will be drawn datily at random based on the previous day's entries.

Multiple blog entries per day do not increase the chances of winning.

Agents may only win 1x during the contest period.


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Contest Winners

Nov 01 – Jim Starwalt, Star Homes
Nov 02 – Daniel McCarthy, Lifestyles Realty
Nov 03 – Aaron Blackman, All Seasons
Nov 04 – Ernest Villafranca, Reliance Partners
Nov 05 – Maggie Oglesbee, Gary Greene
Nov 06 – Stephanie Lam, J F Finnegan
Nov 07 – Heather Luce - Kansas City Homes
Nov 08 – Ann Burchett, Kansas City Homes
Nov 09 – Pam N Gary Rux, Capital Area
Nov 10 – Thalia Guderyon, Gary Greene
Nov 11 – Shonda Taylor, All Seasons
Nov 12 – Richard Tavetian, The Beach Company
Nov 13 – Erika Huber, Wilkins & Associates
Nov 14 – Bree Netheron, Realty Partners
Nov 15 – Jennifer Crawford, Go Realty
Nov 16 - Barbie Dutton, Edwards & Associates
Nov 17 – Leah Haywood, Elliott Coastal Living
Nov 18 – Suzanne Hoover, Gary Greene
Nov 19 – Katlyn Flasher, Capital Area
Nov 20 – Jennifer Habecker, Prosperity
Nov 21 – Cheryl Arena, Star Homes
Nov 22 – Tadd Larson, All Seasons
Nov 23 – Guy Cusumano, Rand Realty
Nov 24 – Mary Sexson, Move Time Realty
Nov 25 – Annette Sheriff, Capital Area
Nov 26 – Jazmen Benitez, Metrobrokers
Nov 27 - Melissa Amores, Royal & Associates
Nov 28 - Monica Warner, Go Realty
Nov 29 - Gary Jordan, The Masiello Group
Nov 30 - Jared Wangsgard, Franklin Group


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