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Welcome to The Greenhouse

Agent Toolkit

Greenhouse User Set-Up Guide

This guide, intended for new Greenhouse users, will give you a walk through on the most important processes needed to set you up for success. You will learn how to set up an account in the Digital Marketing Center and Pinpoint, as well as register for learning sessions in Be Better University. This is a great help to new agents and existing ones just getting started with the new Greenhouse!

The Greenhouse Homepage

The Greenhouse Homepage will have pages visible to the public.  This page includes overviews of tools that can be found within the Greenhouse and information about the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand. Feel free to share these pages with your clients, on social media, and for talent attraction purposes. 

The Newsfeed

A Facebook-style news and information feed providing content relevant to you. Three filters are available on the newsfeed.

  • All News: See when any new article, newsletter, page or tool is added. You will also be notified if your brokers, managers or fellow agents have shared content with you.
  • Tags: Find information relevant to tags you have selected to follow. For example, if you follow ‘Marketing’, related to only marketing tools and updates will populate in your newsfeed.
  • Events:  BHGRE® brand & industry events, learning, and local events that have been added by your company.

Search & Notifications

Search for pages, articles, tools, events, tags and documents through the search bar located at the top of each page in the Greenhouse. The search bar features an autocomplete function which allows the option to choose from a suggested list. Click to view all matches or hit enter for a full list of relevant search results, which can then be filtered.

Notifications – Upon logging in to the Greenhouse, you will be automatically notified anytime a document, tool, page or link has been shared with you. In addition, keep an eye out for brand announcements regarding new services, events, and other important messages.


Personalizing The Greenhouse

Personalize your Greenhouse experience by favoriting tools, pages, and tags to add to your homepage for quick access and to receive updates on topics relevant to you.

My Tools and My Pages - Quickly access tools and pages directly from the My Tools and My Pages sections at the top of your homepage. To add a tool or page, simply click the favorite star icon next to any tool or page.

Tags are used widely throughout the Greenhouse on pages, articles, documents and events. ‘Follow’ tags related to subjects you are interested in to receive updates on your personalized newsfeed or search using the ‘Explore Tags’ option.

Favorites & Sharing - Every user has the ability to share and favorite tools, documents, pages and links throughout the Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Introductory Course

Video Tutorials

Explore the following quick tutorials.